Change O365 Group email address

You cannot currently change an O365 group email address from within the portal, it has to be done via PowerShell.

For example you may want to change the group called “Sales Group” current primary SMTP address,, to now be (so sales@ can be used elsewhere perhaps).

First run PowerShell and login to O365 with Global Administrator Credentials, then add the required SMTP address as an alias:

Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity “Sales Group” -EmailAddresses: @{Add =””}

Next promote the newly added alias to be the primary SMTP address:

Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity “Sales Group” -PrimarySmtpAddress “”

If the original email is not required for this group, you can then remove the previous primary SMTP address:

Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity “Sales Group” -EmailAddresses: @{Remove=””}

Thanks to SullyTech for the original guidance.

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