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Send Veeam notifications via 365

With the advent of more "modern" and secure authentication methods being demanded by the main email service protagonists (Microsoft, Google et al), the days of using a basic username and password to send email out from internal devices and systems via an SMTP server...

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Act server install caused SQL VSS writer error

Recently installed Act! on a client’s existing SQL server and from that point on backing up the VM (using Veaam) failed with a VSS writer error that can be summarised as "Failed to create VM recovery checkpoint (code 32768)" Running vssadmin list writers showed the...

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Word/Excel 201x preview pane errors

An oldie but a goodie. A user still running Office 2013 started receiving odd errors when trying to open both Word and Excel files. In each instance the error was completely different, but the issue/solution was the same. The problem only occurred when they were...

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Hyper-V guest hung before booting

Following a server reboot we had one of the Hyper-V guests (Server 2012R2 in this instance) hang on the initial Hyper-V splash screen (black background, white text) with no sign of progress, i.e. no Windows boot or spinning dots etc. Hyper-V manager showed the guest...

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