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Change server share path to new drive

We added a larger virtual disk to a Hyper-V file server and copied over a shared folder to the new location. The folder also had a number of subfolders that were shared independently. The quick way to move the share permissions etc is via the registry (i.e. without...

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M365 mailbox usage report

You can quickly see the size of the mailboxes in use within your 365 tenant via the 365 Admin Center. Login as a global admin (or global reader/reports reader) and navigate to: Reports | Usage Under the Email activity heading select View More and then the Mailbox...

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Veeam ports for Hyper-V host

If you try and add a Hyper-V host to your Veeam backup infrastructure, without having the correct ports open on the host, the installer will pause for some time on the "Detecting previously installed components" stage before finally returning a "Network path not found...

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Check OneDrive folder sizes

Finding the size of the folder(s) you have stored in OneDrive is not particularly easy or obvious. You can check sizes by logging in to the web portal then select Settings | OneDrive Settings | More Settings | Storage Metrics.

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