DFSR admin commands

Unless you are intentionally using DFSR – and most small businesses I know are not (other than for the default Group Policy – sysvol – replication) – then you may not have encountered any of the command line tools that help identify the replicating servers and folders.

Some that may be of use:

dfsradmin membership list /computer:<domainserver> 

List the GUID of the stated server along with local paths to the replicated folders

dfsradmin rg list

List the names of the replication group(s) and the domain(s) they belong to. You can then use the returned names in the last command below

dfsradmin membership list /rgname:”<NameOfRepGroup>” /attr:MemName,IsPrimary

List all servers participating in the replication group and which, if any, is acting as the primary (i.e. definitive) member

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